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Bill Maclagan

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(1858-1926) Full Back, Wing, Scotland
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Bill Maclagan was both full back and wing for Scotland and struck a refined, imposing figure as he was tall with a large waxed moustache. Maclagan represented Scotland twenty-six times between 1878 and 1890. He was captain eight of these times. He scored two goals and three tries. He captained the pioneering British Isles tour to South Africa in 1891. The side had 100 per cent success. He played in eighteen of nineteen matches in which the Lions scored 224 points whilst conceding only one. This was back when a try was worth one point.

Maclagan was a ferocious tackler and an aggressive attacker with a long, accurate touch kick. He played a vital part in establishing London Scottish RUFC as captain and president. He was also SRU president from 1894 to 1896.

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