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Colby Slater

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(1896 – 1965) Number 8, United States
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Colby Slater was nicknamed ‘Babe’ after the famous baseball player, Babe Ruth. He was the Skipper of the United States team which won the gold medal in the Paris Olympics of 1924. At the 1924 Paris Games, he captained the team that beat France 8-0 in the final. The disappointed French fans rioted in the stands. Rugby has never featured in the Olympic Games since, but will return in the seven-a-side format at Rio in 2016.

Coach Charlie Austin and manager, Sam Goodman did a brilliant job with the USA team, many of whom had never played rugby before.  Their superb fitness paid dividends as they claimed a highly unexpected 17 points to three win. It was so unpopular that the team needed police protection on leaving Stade Colombes.

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