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Dave Gallaher

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(1873 - 1917) Hooker, Wing Forward, New Zealand
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Dave Gallaher played both Hooker and Wing Forward for New Zealand, where he emigrated in 1878. He became a true pioneer as a tourist to Australia and then as captain of the ‘Originals’. The Originals were the first NZRFU side to come to Britain.

Gallaher was an original thinker and caused controversy over his wing forward play. He played thirty-six times for New Zealand, including six tests. The only one of these six tests that was lost was a controversial defeat by Wales when Bob Deans’ try was disallowed. He scored four tries and one conversion.

The Originals won thirty-two of thirty-three games, scoring 730 points and conceding only forty-seven. Dave Gallaher was later described as a remorseless foe whose words as captain were later echoed by Willie-John McBride: “Give nothing away, take no chances”.

He also wrote a coaching book with Vice Captain Billy Stead.

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