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David Campese

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(1962- ) Wing, Fullback, Australia
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David Campese, or ‘Campo’ was the world’s highest international try-scorer, holding the world record for the most tries in test matches up until Daisuke Ohata scored his 65th try playing for Japan on 14 May 2006. The ultimate rugby risk-taker, his egg-and-spoon, cupped handling style has earned him the affection of crowds the world over.

Outspoken comments may have occasionally brought him bad press but with a rugby ball in his hands David Campese was a genius. His attitude is summed up in one terse comment, “People don’t want to watch someone kicking the ball all day”. He made his international debut as an unknown 18 year old against New Zealand in 1982 and his goose-stepping style soon brought the first of many tries. He became the Wallabies’ highest capped player in 1990 and was a vital member of the World Cup winning team in 1991, scoring six and becoming player of the tournament. At the end of his international career he had gained 101 caps and scored 64 tries in internationals. He has set up rugby academies throughout the world, where he still coaches.

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