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Derek Bevan

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(1949- ) Flanker, Referee, Wales
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Derek Bevan is not only the world record holder for controlling the highest number of international matches, but one of the most highly respected referees in the world, and has a great affinity with players. He is one of only four referees, Jim Fleming (Scotland), David Bishop (New Zealand) and Steve Hilditch (Ireland) to have officiated in all three World Cups.

He fulfilled an ambition to referee every top class rugby nation when he controlled the two tests between Argentina and South Africa in 1993 and followed that with a Varsity match at Twickenham later in the year. He has also been in charge of a record number of Welsh Cup Finals, has refereed at the World Cup Sevens, Dubai Sevens, two Student World Cup finals and the 1997 European Cup final.

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