Pathway of fame - First Women’s Rugby World Cup

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First Women’s Rugby World Cup

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Only four years after its male counterpart, the first Women’s Rugby World Cup took place in Cardiff. It was remarkable since the most organised women’s rugby union, the WRFU (of England and Wales) had only existed for eight years. Cardiff was host city because the City Council was prepared to offer support to a tournament shunned by others.

Twelve teams took part, all paying their own way for the duration of an eight day tournament. The finalists, USA and England, had to play five matches in that period. The other competitors were Wales, Italy, Spain, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Japan, New Zealand, Canada and USSR. The Russians arrived with no money and sold vodka to pay their way.

USA defeated England in the final, having beaten New Zealand in the semi- finals. Both beaten countries went on to win the trophy themselves, England in 2000 and New Zealand in 2003. England won again in 2014.

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