Requiem for Remembrance-tide

  • Date: 8th November 2019
  • Location: St Marie's Church Oak Street, Rugby CV22 5EA
  • Time: 17:30
  • Cost: Free to attend.

'Missa pro defunctis à 6' by Manuel Cardoso (c. 1566-1650) Sung by The Arnold Singers

St. Marie's Church

Remembrance-tide is an important period for the church when we remember saints and souls across the centuries to the present day. 1st November is All Saints' Day when the church celebrates not only the more well-known saints, but also many whose sainthood is not known though their faith has touched others. 2 November is All Souls' Day. when the church remembers the departed and is, for many, a poignant moment when they mark the passing of their own family and friends.

Remembrance Sunday is held on the closest Sunday to 11 November, Armistice Day, and is a time to acknowledge the service and sacrifice of the Armed Forces and their families, across all conflicts. Remembrance-tide gives us an opportunity to remember the departed through music, thanks to the countless settings of The Requiem Mass, or Mass for the dead, by composers from all generations.

Of all the Portuguese composers of the early 17th century, Manuel Cardoso was the most successful at drawing upon pure 'Palestrina' style and that of Monteverdi and the new Italian Baroque School, whilst also producing his own highly individual and eccentric character. There is no other Renaissance idiom quite like his. Augmented intervals, false relations and chromatic inflections at cadences abound in the six part 'Missa pro defunctis', or Requiem, which was first published in 1625 and is striking for its Baroque sounding harmony coupled with an old-fashioned imitation surrounding and concealing the chant, reminiscent of Spanish composer, Tomás Luis de Victoria.

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