Rugby's famous names

Dennis Gabor - inventor of holography

In 1933 Dennis Gabor, a Hungarian-born scientist, fled from Nazi Germany, where he was considered Jewish. He was invited to Britain to work at the development department of the British Thomson-Houston company in Rugby.

During his time in Rugby, he met Marjorie Louise Butler, and they married in 1936. He became a British citizen in 1946, and it was while working at British Thomson-Houston that he invented holography, in 1947.

He experimented with a heavily filtered mercury arc light source. However, the earliest hologram was only realised in 1964 following the 1960 invention of the laser, the first coherent light source. After this, holography became commercially available.

He was honoured with the Nobel Prize in Physics for his work.

Til now man has been up against nature; from now on he will be up against his own nature."