Rugby's Public Art

Rugby's Got Balls

In 2015 Rugby Borough Council’s Arts Development team worked with local arts collective ‘Kookooshaboo’ to develop an innovative community project to celebrate the Rugby World Cup. The arts project brought together community organisations to design unique rugby ball sculptures which were displayed in various locations around the town. You'll find five fun, engaging and thought provoking balls located around Rugby, all with their unique take on the game and the town. 

Ball 1: The Rugby Schools Ball, Chapel Street

Rugby's got balls


The ball is covered in a collage of children’s designs showing what they like about Rugby - the town or the sport. Images include the town hall, Caldecott Park and Rugbeards.


Ball 2: The Evolution of the Game, outside Rugby Art Gallery & Museum and World Rugby Hall of Fame

Designed by Leanne Gilroy, one of Kookooshaboo's drectors, the theme revolves around the evolution of the game of Rugby over time.  There is a flower showing snippets of the 20 flags of countries competing in the 2015 Rugby World Cup.


Ball 3: Hand in Hand, Caldecott Park

Revised and refreshed in 2019, this ball shows the Rugby community hand in hand with the hand prints of famous World Rugby Hall of Fame inductees, who shared their prints when visiting the town for their induction ceremonies.


Ball 4: Rugby Remembers, Whitehall Recreation Ground

The sculpture features a collage of images and words which focus on the people who called Rugby their home at the time of the Great War. The design reflects life in Rugby during the Great War and those who helped the war effort both at home and on the front.


Ball 5: Rugby Train Station, Railway Terrace

This ball is currently being refurbished and will return with a fresh, exciting design for the Rugby World Cup 2019. Watch this space...