Art Trail

Festival of Culture Art Trail

Always popular during Rugby's Festival of Culture, the Art Trail takes visitors on a journey of discovery around the town between Friday 28 June and Sunday 14 July. From paintings to hand made jewellery and ceramics, there's something to please everyone as you explore new shops and cafes in the town.

During certain times of the day or week, there may be restricted access in some of the venues. For more information contact or call (01788) 533223.

The map can be downloaded and printed here.


Rugby Festival Art Trail


  1. Rugby Art Gallery and Museum: IJE
  2. Mo’s Fabric and Dance: Amy Rowe
  3. Rugby Tap: Tantalus
  4. Rugby Hotel: Alchemy
  5. The Nest: Clare Pentlow
  6. Hunts Bookshop: Jessi Illustrates
  7. Sonrisa Boutique: Christabel Wadsworth
  8. Maia Gelato: Jane Tilley
  9. DAPP UK: Leslie Read
  10. Sheep Street Cobblers: Dot Crowe
  11. Revelicious: Chloe Bell
  12. Hinkley & Rugby Building Society: Janet Watson
  13. Fraiche Food: Roseann Marshall
  14. Flowers by Pauline: Andris Rutulis
  15. Rugby Electric: Trevor Partridge
  16. The Squirrel: Dazzler18
  17. Salters: Louise Humphreys
  18. Curtains by Design: Cynthia Chandler
  19. Practical Action Publishing: Winifred Wilmot
  20. Wild and Free: Sarais Crawshaw
  21. Terracotta: Jennie Fletcher
  22. Etcetera: Judy Davies
  23. SASS: Tracy Slater
  24. John Taylor Funeral Services: EV Wells
  25. Moriarty’s Café: Carol Wheeler
  26. Tool Shed Café: Ditherella’s Workshop