Bert's House

Location: Macready Theatre, Lawrence Sheriff Street, Rugby, CV22 5EJ
Starts: Saturday 9 March 2024 7:30 pm
Ends: Saturday 9 March 2024
Price: £12.00

About event

Step inside the ‘delightful’ abode of Dunedin Guest House. Run by tight fisted but kind-hearted Bert. It would be his seaside paradise, if it weren’t for all the guests.  The paper might be hanging off the wall, the roof may spring the odd leak, and the bar selection is definitely questionable, but with his handy assistant (and unrequited love) Emily by his side, Bert’s house could be a Bed & Breakfast on the brink of a great love story.

But with the arrival of pesky guests and a new employee to juggle, Bert needs to keep his wits about him – what are the Robinsons up to? Is Jane really who she says she is? And why is Mr Stevens such a tw*t?

Come inside for this hilarious, sea-side-splitting comedy on its debut tour.

Recommended for 15+
Running time: 120 mins including an interval.


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